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Couples Seeking Solutions Blog


Time to Unplugg

Posted on June 3, 2013 at 3:59 PM Comments comments (87)
It's Time to Unplug" 
 I find that stress is getting the best of couples these days, well certainly with the couples I speak with on a weekly basis.
With all of the new technology, some very special inventors have created to make our lives easier, it seems that there is also a con to the whole technological era.
 People, every where you go, are plugged into their phones, computers, car computers etc. and have become quite caught up in social networking online (which is fantastic for marketing and keeping in touch with friends and relatives), however, people are finding very little time for "quality time" or "down time" or "some good ol' R n R" or "fill you up time" without the phones/computers distracting them.  
It's so important to take time to recover daily from life stressors. Finding a healthy outlet to make "down time" a priority is so important to the building of a healthy relationship/marriage. Think about it! When you are feeling good, healthy, or confident about something in your life, you tend to bring happiness back to your partner when you arrive home. Outlets can be swimming, gym, taking a walk, meditation, getting nails done, spa time, massage etc. Whatever it is for you, do it! You will see the benefits play out in your job/business, relationships, parenting style, intimacy etc. The better you feel about yourself, the more recovery you "GIFT" to yourself, the more functional your relationship will be.  
Sometimes taking a "vacation away" from technology for a few hours a day does the intimacy life good. Think about it...whens the last time you truly enjoyed yourself? Maybe it was outdoors somewhere, in your pool, at the gym, spin or yoga class, or just sitting in silence, a walk in the woods etc. Sometimes Unplugging daily is just the right touch to bring some "relaxation" into your day. Some of you may even have to turn your cell phones off for an hour or two in order not to have interruptions. : )
When you do take that time away, to de-stress with your loved one, try this following out.
The Key to Intimacy is Relaxation:
 Add a little spice to your intimacy with a Salt Glow Scrub on the back and neck. You may choose to do a full body massage. The nice thing about this is that the Salt Glow Scrub actually does the work for you, so it's not a deep tissue massage, just a gentle gliding of the hands.  The scrub exfoliates the body and relaxes your partner, making them feel refreshed and renewed for the day. You can even do it outside by your pool if you have some privacy. There's nothing wrong with a little skinny dipping afterwards to set the playful mood for you and your partner. The idea is to unplug, relax each other through massage, and let the day take the two of you away.
Simple. Easy. Unplug. Relax. Enjoy.