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Couples Seeking Solutions Blog


Dr. Eva's Mission

Posted on December 31, 2016 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (268)
Dr. Eva's Mission

Why does my practice exist: My mission is to help guide couples towards emotional attunement and repair;  to help them heal, reconnect, and enhance their overall physical and emotional intimacy. My goal with every client is to normalize the human experience and to inspire increased personal and relational awareness. My vision is to be a change agent for a more emotionally aware and vulnerable community.
My cause: Many people struggle with emotional vulnerability and our relationships and society are suffering because of it. It blocks the human experience from being truly normalized in our communities and replaces it with superficial connections within ourselves and others, stacking the "perfect picture" expectation as our societal goal rather than authenticity.

This is counterproductive to human connection and love, both personally and relationally. There is a trend towards authenticity on the horizon and that agenda is very important to me. Increased emotional awareness, vulnerability, authenticity, and human normalization can serve as a tipping point towards healing and connection within ourselves and our relationships.

Like with anything, there are pros and cons to vulnerability and emotional safety is paramount, but in general its a movement towards more personal authenticity within our relationships and in our beloved communities.

Why: Building awareness and enhancing both personal and relational love as well as authenticity is my passion!

Join the movement towards a more authentic, vulnerable, and emotionally aware community!

Self Love Boundaries

Posted on July 31, 2016 at 12:31 AM Comments comments (79)
"Self Love Boundaries"

We (human beings) live in a world where we spend most of our lives trying to get approval or acceptance from others. We are social beings, so it's normal. But many of us don't think about the relationship we have with ourselves; with our own self approval or what I like to call, "self love boundaries!"

We bend over backwards, often times sacrificing our boundaries and peace of mind to get someone to like us, to make someone proud, and often times we do it to feel needed or loved. This happens personally with our spouses, kids, extended family and friends, as well as professionally. 

Many of my clients report emotional burn out in search of approval and most times don't really get the response they desire. The unfortunate part is that being a "yes gal or guy" is it not only causes emotional burnout it can also cause resentment over long periods of time. The reason for this is if your not respecting your "self love boundaries," you most likely will not be respected and often times feel taken for granted. 

Feeling accepted or approved of has many faces; admiration, dependablity, feeling good enough, love etc. It can mean so many different things.

An important question to ask yourself is: What does it mean to you?

If your thinking, "I always say YES despite myself" than read on. 

Learning how to answer the question "if I say yes in the name of being accepted or approved of, what will I be sacrificing for myself?" 
Will you be sacrificing your life energy, peace of mind, self care, your boundaries ...? Or, all of the above and more?

Often times when my clients start practicing "self love boundaries" things start to turn around for them. They start to feel more life energy and they notice a new found respect level from those they are in relationship with; as they no longer feel taken for granted or under appreciated. What they realize is that not having their own self love boundaries says more about themselves than those they wanted to get approval from. Once they establish "self love boundaries" they report feeling more at peace, less self doubt, and more self assured.

Next time your about to sacrifice your "self love boundaries" for the sake of approval and or acceptance in whatever form it takes for you, be mindful of the question "what will I be giving up or sacrificing if I say yes?" If the answer is burnout, frustration, or resentment, than don't do it. I always suggest that my clients increase their vulnerability with loved ones, to let their families learn of their feelings and why it's important for them to have "self love boundaries." Most of the time, if the relationship is not toxic, your friends, family, and colleagues will understand and can even learn from you on how to set boundaries in their lives. 

If you think you can say yes without sacrificing yourself, than go for it! Practice finding a balance and stay mindful of your "self love boundaries" and get busy putting them into action. You will feel so much better and most likely have flourishing personal and professional relationships without the onset of emotional burnout. Balance is possible!


Testimonial From a Family

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 12:59 PM Comments comments (154)
Recently, I have been working with a wonderful family and their beautiful children.

Here is one of the most touching (anonymous) testimonials I have yet to receive:

My daughter (who is 11 years of age) was so happy and light after her first session with you.You could almost see her skip! She already put together a little backpack with art supplies for next weeks session. Too cute! You are amazing, Eva! You have done wonders for our family and helped restore us in a ways in which would have taken us years, if ever. Thank you!"

It is testimonials, like the one above, that ignite my passion for helping my clients get to a better place. It was an honor working with this family, like it is working with all of my clients. In this career, you get a sense of human struggle and compassion that goes beyond words and touches me at my soul, daily.

My hopes are that this will provide you (the reader) with some comfort when deciding if therapy is right for your family.

Eva Brown M.S.