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Intensive Couples Therapy

Join Eva Brown at one of our upcoming Couples Retreats on the sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Intensive Couples therapy is for couples in need of emotional repair and are experiencing moderate to severe relationship issues. Couples that are either on the brink of relationship dissolution and or are experiencing mild to severe relationship anxiousness can benefit from intensive couples therapy. My guiding assumption is that couples commit to each other because they truly do love each other, however sometimes, expectations and dreams lost to life's daily stressors can wear on a relationship and often carries with it the possibility of relationship dilemmas.   

 If you are experiencing moderate to severe relationship issues then there are a few options for you to choose from. I have developed a program that caters to each couples unique relationship needs. My approach is not a one size fits all therapeutic treatment, as the therapy depends heavily on my client's preferences for change and therapeutic progress. 

The difference between a couples intensive and coming to brief therapy once a week over a 3 or 4 month period, is that the issues are addressed within a shorter amount of time, usually within a one, two ,or three week period. The length of time for each couples intensive is different which makes my program different from many other programs available, as I work collaboratively with each couple to make sure that their therapeutic experience fits with their initial desired outcome.

Typically a therapeutic intensive session can run 2 to 4 hours, two times a week, depending again on the client's needs, emotional discomfort, and issues that are causing the conflict. Most couples experience feeling relieved after the first few sessions. I find that intensives are very effective, however after a three week period of time and certainly if the couples is not experiencing relief, than a different course of therapy would likely take shape. As mentioned, each couple is different, so we would make those assessments together should you decide to do a couples intensive. 

Out of State Clients:

If you are traveling from out of the state or country to come see me then a couples intensive fits great for the shorter period of time you will be traveling. Please call at least 4 to 6 weeks ahead of time to schedule your therapeutic intensive so that I can ensure my availability during the dates you are traveling.  

Eva Brown M.S. is at the office working with individuals and couples who for solutions.

Please call Dr. Eva Brown Ph.D., LMFT to discuss the details of your therapeutic arrangement on our first phone consultation. #754-245-1424 or email [email protected]

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